Please use the form below to contact us about using Kaycliff Center for your next event.

    You can read more about using Kaycliff for events and read the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

    How many guests does Kaycliff accomodate?

    We usually cap at around 150 for most events.

    How long do we have at the venue? How much are additional hours?

    Kaycliff rents in 6 hour blocks. For additional hours and multi-day events, we can provide bespoke pricing that is customized for your needs.

    What is the seating arrangement?

    We don’t require a specific floorplan. However, we do have twelve 60″ round tables, six 72″ rectangular tables, twelve cocktail tables, and 100 chairs that our
    renters have arranged in a variety of ways. We would be happy to consult with you on what would work best for your event.

     What type of tables do you have (shape, size)?

    We have twelve 60″ round tables, six 72″ rectangular tables, twelve cocktail tables, and 100 chairs.
    If you send us a floorplan a couple of days in advance, we are happy to set everything up.

    When can we get access to the space to decorate/set up? How long do we have to clean up/tear down?

    Our rentals include all set up and take down time. We rent six hour blocks from 8:00 am to midnight based on our availability.

    Is there a required/preferred vendor list to stick to? Can we use other vendors?

    We do not have preferred vendors or require you to use a specific caterer. Feel free to make your menu your own.

    If I hire my own caterer, are kitchen facilities available to them?

    Our kitchen is available for full use by outside vendors or use by our renters.

     Do you allow alcohol? Can I bring my own booze?

    Yes. We prefer that you have someone that has a TABC license bartending. Many caterers do have their offsite liquor license, and there are stand alone bartending services in the area.

     How early can vendor deliveries be made?

    We are willing to schedule vendor deliveries outside of your rental times if needed.

    What are the restrictions for decor?

    We do not allow things to be nailed, tacked or screwed into our walls or other finished wood. Also, we generally don’t allow duct tape or tapes that leave an adhesive mark.
    We are okay with craft tape, command strips, floral wire, and other non-marking fasteners.
    We do allow candles.

     Are there any noise restrictions?

    As of right now, there is not a noise ordinance in Washington County, TN.

    Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band? Are there any restrictions?

    Yes, we love working with DJs and live musicians.

    Where does the band/DJ set up?

    We are able to accomodate your band or DJ wherever there is a power outlet. There are multiple locations on both levels and outside on our deck.

    Do you have a sound system with speakers, or will that need to be rented?

    Currently, we have a sound system that is indoors, and is best heard upstairs. If you are hiring a DJ or band they will probably be working with their own equipment.

    Do you have microphones for speeches?


    Can I hook an iPod or laptop up to your sound system?