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Rent the Kaycliff Center for Your Next Special Event

Whether you have a group of 10, or a party of over 150, Kaycliff Center at Boone Lake is a great choice. Located on the shore of Boone Lake in Washington County, TN, the Kaycliff Center is within an easy drive of most of the TriCities TN/VA region including Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, Tennessee.

In addition to hosting a collection of artifacts from around the world, we do rent out as an event venue to the public.

What Your Rental Includes…

State of the Art Catering Kitchen – Each rental of our lodge include full unrestricted access to our kitchen, including refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, and warming racks.

Deck and Gazebo – A wonderful place to have outdoor events, built right on to the back of our lodge

Marvelous Natural Surroundings—40 acres of beautiful wooded property teeming with birds, deer, and

Boone Lake—Gorgeous lakefront views of the Boone Lake

Tables and chairs onsite —We have 100 chairs, twelve 5 foot round tables, twelve cocktail tables, and six rectangular tables available onsite for you to use for only $50 dollars.

Thought-Provoking Museum Setting — Our trophies and artifacts from around the world are natural conversation starters with a built in entertainment factor.

Technology and Wifi —Do you need a sound system or projector for your event? We have them onsite in

New Additions

If you need a space to teach a class or hold a meeting, ask about our newly built training facility. A 1200+ square foot building tailored for your next getaway corporate training or seminar.

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