Notes about this RFP and Project

Because Boone Lake is (probably) going back up in spring of 2021, we would want to see the bridge expedited fairly quickly. It’s probably easier to build that bridge while the lake is down.

As for the rest of these items, we would rather have the benefit of a general contractor overseeing an excavator so there is a unified game plan on the trail and trail shelters.

We’d also love to have a general contractor’s opinion on whether it would be more efficient for an asphalt contractor to work directly for us, or work as a subcontractor.

We have had several snags on this project. And at this point, with the lake going back up, we are interested in getting this done quickly, well, and creating a win-win situation for us and our partners that help us realize this project.

If that means that we hire an excavator directly, that’s okay for us. But we would want a GC’s opinion on that based on if that would be workable based on their role in this project.

We do not know which option will fit into your company’s workload without talking to you. But we know that managing subs can take time. Part of this procurement process is learning how we’re going to get all this done.

Also, because (a few) parts of this trail will be easier to work on while the lake is down, we’d want to get that started pretty soon, too.

We’d love to discuss this more over email or at a site visit!

Thank you!