In our email to you, we included drawings and engineering calculations for a proposed bridge on our property. We also included a map that shows the proposed location for this bridge.

We are very interested in building this bridge for several reasons. 

First, when the water level of Boone Lake is restored to full pool, boats can access the cove that juts into our property. Inevitably, without building a bridge or doing something, this will lead to boaters landing their boats and trespassing on our property. This was common back before TVA drew the lake level down, and we don’t want this going forward.

Second, this bridge will be built as part of the walking trail, and will effectively make it one big loop.

Third, having this bridge will provide quicker access to some parts of this walking trail. That is beneficial from a maintenance perspective, but it’s also a plus from a safety perspective. If someone were to get hurt, it would be easier to extract them if we had multiple points of access.

The measurements for this bridge provided in the documents may not ultimately reflect the final built dimensions, but they are a good starting point. The actual opening of that channel into the cove is over 80 feet. We are open to discussing different configurations to make this happen.

Additionally, through this process, we have become aware of different prefabricated bridge options. Namely, prefabricated truss bridges and upcycled railroad flat car bridges. We’re no experts, but if you determine there is a more economical way to make a bridge happen across that opening, we’re open to it.

Below is a photo of the channel that we’re talking about, for your reference.

Here is a link to map information that shows the approximate location for abutments, and helps get an idea of the span.


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